Actually JJ started lots of shit, by the way the word is shit not chit, quit being such a pussy

Actually JJ started lots of shit, by the way the word is shit not chit, quit being such a pussy

tempeau2 the anti-defamation is a well-intentioned organization sometimes used by chatroom communists to defend antifa scumTheOneWhoShallNotBeNamed omgtempeau2 swidt?TheOneWhoShallNotBeNamed am I a Communist?tempeau2 of course nottempeau2 you lack the organizational skills

All my life i have realized i was attracted to women but never had the courage to make a public announcement until now. I figured if anyone knew, i would be called “straighty” or would hear whispers of “hetero” or “hey look, there’s Straighty McStraighterson” as i walked away from the group gathered around the water fountain. This is very liberating and my friends and family are so happy for me, including my wife (although i think she strongly suspected this was the case all this time). Thank you in advance Pier Nation for any support you can give me through this next few weeks as I make the adjustment to accepting the fact everyone now knows. This also means a couple of you guys can quit humping my blog leg because IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, MOVE ON TO SOMEONE ELSE.

sslvrbulllit yOU NOT WORKING TODAY, kANZY?sslvrbulllit What happened to BENNY HILLKanzy__cougarbitey worry about yur own jobKanzy__cougarbitey I will leave for my job when im supposed to be theresslvrbulllit Guess that answers my question

Not sticking up for Kanzy here but just wanted to point out, for a man who has proudly declared he is homeless and living under a bridge and uses the library to get online, he sure has some nerve mocking anyone else about a job. Hell, even Fit works (sometimes). By the way dude, your bridge bed could use some sprucing up, n art or at least some graffiti for that drab gray wall.

Welcome The Newest Member Of The Boron Brigade (there’s an outside chance i already inducted him and forgot, but if i did, he’s deserving of a second spot in the Hall of Stupidity. it’s illuminated by a bunch of dim bulbs. get it? dim bulbs. yeah you got it).

puffolino who gives a crap how many names someone has if they dont start chit. geezDaisyluv1 likejustbeautiful35 bulliesdaisy91164 lol puffjustbeautiful35 kiss kiss jakeDaisyluv1 just get off my case i dont bother youLemonGrog noted. my team is 2-0 so far..should be exciting season for once. every 20 yearspuffolino JJ never started chit

This has always been your problem though, you gravitate towards assholes and then you insist they don’t stink because “they use Cottonelle”

Just because you turned a blind eye to his bullshit doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Now if you’re speaking of the last year or so before the Great AOL Wildebeest Wire Migration, it’s kind of hard to start shit when you have 30 of the 36 names in the room and the other 6 people there (including me) aren’t talking or saying much. Or he’s scrolling the room so much no one can talk.

I’m going to take this moment to announce to Pier Nation and the world at large that I am coming out as heterosexual

? Speaking of the 50’s room, it looks like we will survive the daisy name explosion. i think it was up to 5 or 6 last i counted, and that doesn’t even include the dullest of daisies (but all the others seem pretty fucking dull too). I’d like to also take this moment to say RIP DooHag, RIP Snowbliss, RIP Mistyhaze(twice), RIP Bludawn and several other names she was using in her failed efforts to trick the room. Of course i guess i cant blame her; if i were her, i wouldn’t want anyone to know it was me either.

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