Once you’ve got the tools, learn from the experts with our beginner’s guide to anal sex

Once you’ve got the tools, learn from the experts with our beginner’s guide to anal sex

With anal, you want a lube that won’t dry out quickly, so the thicker, the better. This makes silicone-based lubes a great choice for anal. Silicone lubes are much more viscose meaning they are more slippery and last for longer. Plus, they can be used with latex condoms – it’s a ‘yes’ from us all round! Be sure to steer clear of any lubes with tingling or numbing properties during anal. You want to be as aware as possible during anal play to avoid any damage.

Using Lube for Oral Sex

We know what you’re thinking: ‘Oral is already pretty incredible, so why do I need to add lube?’ We hear you. And we’re not trying to fix something that isn’t broken, we’re just making it even better.

Just like any kind of sex, oral can sometimes come with its own dryness and friction problems. But even if not, lube is a great way to enhance pleasure and make your oral technique feel even better – a win-win for everyone!

‘But, is lube edible?’, we hear you ask. Most lubes out there are safe to swallow (just be sure to check the product description first!), but too much of a mouthful may not be pleasant. You might want to use lube more sparingly during oral sex anyway, as your mouth is generally already ready to go. Try adding a small amount to begin with and seeing how you and your partner enjoy the sensations. If you’re concerned about taste, don’t worry – our flavoured lubes are so good, you’ll want to keep going back for more!

Going down on your guy? Add a slick of your favourite flavour of lube to your lips for a totally different experience or try adding lashings of lube to your hands for one smooth ride.

Don’t believe us? Why not grab a tube and try it for yourself? To inject something completely different into the bedroom, go for a sensation lube.

Using Lube for Masturbation

Lube isn’t something to be reserved for sex with a partner – it’s also a fabulous addition to solo pleasure. Whether you’re using your fingers or your favourite toy, lube can take your solo play to the next level.

How to Apply Lube for Females

It goes without saying that lube makes everything better when playing with a toy, but have you considered lube for good old-fashioned masturbation? Make the trip to the big O a whole lot more fun by applying a couple of drops of lube to your fingers, slowly massaging into your clit and labia. You’ll instantly notice the difference, with heightened sensitivity and an extra, satisfying sensation. For a solo session you’ll never forget, why not play around with tingling or warming varieties?

Want to hit your G-spot? The best time to discover this elusive hot spot is during solo play. Add a little more lube to your fingers, insert and press forwards for absolutely toe-curling results. If you need some tips on sensual solo play, read our beginner’s guide to female masturbation.

How to Apply Lube for Men

Spread a sizeable amount of lube onto your palm and fingers and get to work. Add more if you need it and just lay back and enjoy http://www.hookupdate.net/tr/abdlmatch-inceleme. It really is that simple!

What Can You Use as Lube?

One of the most common questions we’re asked when it comes to lube is ‘what can I use as lube?’. We get it – sometimes you have products already at home that seem like an ideal substitution for lube. They’re sitting right there, so what’s the problem?

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