How to Sext on Snapchat Like a Pro

How to Sext on Snapchat Like a Pro

Sex is great, but have you ever sent a very flattering pic of yourself in a new VS bra from the comfort of your bed, mid-Netflix binge, to your Snap-person, only for them to sext you back something so hot that you just have to interrupt your Fleabag binge for a quick vibrator break? Better yet: Have you ever done it knowing that your photos will 100% disappear?

For those who want to freely sext without worrying about their boobs or peen floating somewhere in the Cloud, Snapchat is the way to go. But there ARE hacks to make any content you send via Snapchat a little more permanent beyond the app’s natural parameters (yikes!).

All to say: Make sure you trust the person you’re Snapchat sexting; 0therwise, leaked nudes could be a concern

The beauty of Snapchat is that if someone does screenshot your photo, you immediately get a notification. But that might not help you if the person who just saved it doesn’t care that you know, for instance. Plus, there are other sneaky ways someone could technically save your pic (like having a friend take a photo of it with their phone).

Talk about why you prefer to use Snapchat and what your expectations are of the experience. Don’t send any to someone you don’t know very well or even remotely suspect might send them to someone else.

This probs goes without saying, but unsolicited nudes are not cool. But if, say, you’re dating the person and know they’re always game for lingerie selfies, a little heads-up can still go a long way. If they’re used to getting innocuous Snaps from you when they’re at work, they may unknowingly open up a fully nude photo of you next to their coworker. So, just shoot them a text or message via Snap beforehand!

So, with that in mind, here’s how to make sure you’re sexting on Snapchat in the safest way possible:

One of the main risks of using Snap over regular texting is that there’s a slightly higher chance you might accidentally make your nude your Story (which is visible to all your followers) or even send it to the wrong person if the username is a letter or two off. If you’re brand-new to the whole app, do a test run and send your boo a photo of your houseplant or something to make sure they-and only they-get it.

To send a Snap, all you have to do is hit the circle in the bottom middle of the screen to access the camera, then hit it again to take the actual photo. When the pic is taken, you can swipe right for some quick filters and then hit the blue arrow at the bottom right corner to send away. Make sure you only click on the name of the person you intend to send it to, obvs!

If you’re solely sexting via the written word, the messages in your chat will automatically disappear as well. unless someone saves them by tapping the message. If that happens-and you really don’t want your dirty talk magnum reveal dating app opus preserved for all of Snapchat history-you’ll need to ask the person to unsave it-it doesn’t go away until BOTH parties do it. Just FYI!

If you’re feeling a mini photo shoot because the lighting in your room is too damn good, feel free to take as many as you want on your phone camera and then send via Snap. Within Snapchat, you can either tap the two rectangles below the camera button and then press “Camera Roll,” or start a chat, and access your photos from there.

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