Portugal, Portugal, Portugal – the name of everyone’s lips right now

Portugal, Portugal, Portugal – the name of everyone’s lips right now


Fair enough. The weather is kickin’ near-year-round, it’s got a lower cost of living than most of Western Europe, and the food will rock yo’ world! (I’m thinking of a scrumptious joint, followed by egg tarts, and then topped off with a glass of port… mmm.)

Most areas of Portugal are more than suitable for the online wheeler-and-dealer to comfortably stay, but the best city for digital nomads in Portugal is the capital Lisbon. Teeming with digital nomads left and right, many hardcore nomads say it’s currently one of the best places to meet other nomads. The second most popular spot is Porto, a lively student city known for its gorgeous old town huddled along the river and blue-tiled buildings.

Portugal is well aware of its reputation as a hub for international hustlers and is in fact encouraging more aspiring nomads to come in. They recently launched a project on the island of Madeira to create a digital nomad village! You have to apply to be a part of the initiative in Ponta Do Sol, but if you’re picked, well, you may just end up finding a home for yourself in Portugal after all!


Ay caramba! Mexico has long been a popular destination for digital nomads seeking a sun-spotted lifestyle somewhere where the tacos are cheap and the tequila is cheaper still!

The advantages to la vida Mexicana are endless: great weather, burritos, a rich culture, burritos, a relaxed lifestyle, burritos… plus it’s cheap! Mum said you couldn’t eat burritos three meals a day, but in Mexico, anything is possible. of my favourites in the world. Even the disadvantages, like annoying tourists, spotty WiFi and petty crime are pretty easily avoided by simply intelligently choosing where in Mexico to stay.

So what’s the best city for digital nomads in Mexico? Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum are age-old favourites but plagued by the curse of popularity, and you might find the slather of gringos and highly-developed seaside towns unauthentic. Mexico City is a chaotic shambles of a city but has a great expat community (and seems to be especially favoured by travellers working abroad as English teachers). San Miguel de Allende also has a great digital nomad community. The list just goes on…

Mexico also has some pretty excellent visa schemes available for remote workers too! The regular tourist visa is available for a bunch of nationalities for a whole six months, or you can apply for a Temporary Resident’s Permit which allows you to stay up to four years.


South America is a criminally underrated digital nomad destination (pun intended – many people are scared off by the horror stories about the crime in South America). However, Colombia is much much more than its unfair reputation. If anything, the only reputation you should consider is its reputation as a damn awesome digital nomad destination!

Travelling Colombia checks off all the important boxes: it’s hot, the food is sensational, the people are smokin’ (Jesus Christ Superstar, what would I give to sensually eat a burrito off of a naked Colombian woman), and the living is relatively cheap! Even the language is a plus. English is widely spoken, BUT it’s also one of the best spots in the world to learn Spanish since the Colombian accent is very clear and easy to understand.

The ultimate spot in Colombia for digital nomads is Medellin which constantly ranks on top of the best locations for digital nomads in South America (and the world). Other potential new hometowns include Bogota (the capital), Cali, and Cartagena.

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