In the a parallel-row characteristic class, this new characteristics was presented once the columns when you look at the a table one is short for new attribute group

In the a parallel-row characteristic class, this new characteristics was presented once the columns when you look at the a table one is short for new attribute group

For every line of one’s table is recognized as being a characteristic regarding the feature group. The newest collective set of philosophy found in a row represents this is of the feature. The new table try presented from the program in this a community named to your attribute category term. Few other sphere is exhibited regarding dining table. Eg, a simultaneous-row attribute classification titled Costs contains the services Time, Charge No., and Matter. For every row of your own dining table makes reference to a repayment, in fact it is a worth of the fresh new Repayments attribute classification.

More information Attributes

You may make more info attributes, which happen to be according to as opposed to extensible flexfields . Descriptive flexfields is only able to get one context offered by an individual day, when you are extensible flexfields have numerous contexts readily available. For folks who just need an individual group and you can incorporate, then detailed flexfields are sufficient. You create detailed flexfields using jobs on the Settings and you will Maintenance work space. Such as, use the task Would List Descriptive Flexfields to help you establish detailed flexfields to possess catalogs. The excess Information part toward Requirements loss of the Change Circumstances web page next screens new flexfield context avenues in accordance with the newest value of the context.

Transactional Features

Transactional attributes grab opinions which can be made through the deal circulates connected with a product, in place of in the event the items is made. Do transactional properties for the Transactional Features case of your own Change Goods Group webpage. For every attribute, establish their energetic schedules. According to this type of active times, choose the downstream apps where in fact the feature is very effective, user the newest trait that have a predefined number of enjoy opinions, and you may establish a recommended standard worth and you can unit away from scale. You are able to set the newest characteristic are dry, called for, read-only, otherwise undetectable within the energetic times. Brand new transactional features of a product or service category was passed on of the their goods class descendants. You can overwrite the fresh metadata to have a transactional feature within the a great child item class, but doing so vacation trips the new inheritance. Transactional functions might be laid out to the all sorts of affairs.

Transactional Attributes

A transactional feature was an element one gets its worth through the a purchase in the runtime unlike throughout configurations at framework day. Make use of it once you can not predict what really worth new attribute commonly has at work on big date.

Exactly why are a great transactional trait distinct from other sorts of qualities is that good transactional feature does not will often have some predetermined thinking. Instead, the value of a great transactional feature is normally more for every single deal, and you also constantly don’t know exactly what that worth try until their consumer does your order.

Digital artwork. Their consumer uses a tone picker to select a shade to possess the item from more than 16 million different opinions.

Automobile solution. You listing the newest mileage additionally the licenses dish number each time you service the user’s vehicles. The newest usage is exclusive for each purchase. The brand new permit dish count is unique each buyers.

A software that is downstream of one’s Unit Suggestions Government work space catches the significance toward transactional attribute when you look at the real transaction. Including, Acquisition Government Cloud try an effective downstream application. Let’s say you offer configurable greeting cards in which your customer is pick additional card brands, build, artwork, font, the brand new welcome, and the like. The order Entry Professional, an-end-representative, produces an income acquisition managed Management, contributes a credit card in order to your order range, and you can uses a transactional feature to get in an alternate greet one the consumer decides. Brand new desired differs for every single cards.

Play with a great transactional feature once you cannot expect exactly what really worth the characteristic are certain to get during the run time, otherwise when maintaining philosophy for this isn’t practical. Regarding electronic artwork analogy, you can officially create a list of thinking that contains the brand new sixteen,777,216 you’ll be able to colour philosophy, but that is maybe not practical. Alternatively, imagine every one of the Spanking Sites dating site individuals thinking as the book, and make use of a great transactional attribute to fully capture it at the work with time.

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