Jill: “You are going to look after my nothing buddy here, would not your?

Jill: “You are <a href="https://datingranking.net/tr/tinder-inceleme/">tinder beÄŸenenleri görme</a> going to look after my nothing buddy here, would not your?

They had pulled new runners whoever numbers was indeed privately in advance of and you will adopting the sheik’s child therefore, the Hobby sisters you can expect to exchange them

Patty Cantwell, students in the an exclusive the-women college or university, is strangled immediately following arguing with her buddy Liz and you may harmful in order to report several people to your dean. Your head of the college or university converts with the Angels to trace down the offender. Kris goes undercover since a student, that have Kelly and you may Sabrina given that coaches and you may Bosley given that an excellent stablehand. Kris and you will Bosley get a hold of three women packing a huge cage into the a van around the bus depot. Bosley afterwards states it so you can restoration man Victor Hoagland, but they discover his van is actually empty. Donna Rossiter, a horrible and elitist college student, harasses Kris and you can alerts the girl never to give someone just what she enjoys viewed. Kelly captures Donna’s buddy Bo Fleming cheat for the an enthusiastic English try, however, victories the woman faith from the opting for to not ever in public areas expose the girl methods. Kris finds out that the lady roomie, Cissy Canfield, has a band which was destroyed out-of Patty’s personal outcomes. She finds out you to Cissy is an effective kleptomaniac. Donna, Bo, Liz and you may Cissy are selling alcohol and drugs out of the stables. Donna bullies Liz and you will accuses the lady off destroying Patty. When Bo tells her to help you back, Donna records their on dean to own cheating. Bo basic believes you to Kelly ratted on her, after which accuses Liz. Some body attempts to strangle Liz that evening, however, she is able to battle the girl attacker. Bosley discovers brand new cage toward girls’ hide. Donna overhears him speaking-to brand new Angels; she sets the stables unstoppable having Kris, Sabrina and you will Bosley trapped to the. They avoid, and so are capable save the fresh new ponies. They understand that Donna is actually responsible just after discovering that their pony has been eliminated and you may tied for the a safe place. Kelly discussions having Winner on the their part on girls’ system; the guy quickly admits which he strangled Patty due to the fact she managed him rudely, and grabs Kelly. Immediately following learning that Donna put the fresh new flame, Bo and you may Cissy break free of the woman dictate and admit you to definitely she is blackmailing him or her. Donna says one to Victor assisted them as the she got learned that he’s the new strangler. Bo tells Sabrina and you may Kris one to she watched Winner push aside that have Kelly. It chase just after his jeep, and Kelly might possibly untie herself and you will bail-out. Kris address contact information Winner, and you may Bosley makes good usage of an effective tractor to save Donna out of fleeing the scene. Charlie directs anyone to Acapulco once the a reward due to their an excellent works.

New Angels ask Charlie to perform background records searches to your Twilliger and you can Millicent Krail, a pessimistic Tv reporter which accuses Twilliger regarding exploiting the students ladies in brand new competition

A woman converts to the Angels to own let shortly after two guys in goggles kidnap their friend through the a run. She teaches you which they planned to enter Twilliger’s Twenty, an excellent fifteen-mile roadway race arranged from the a recreations outfits manufacturer. He has offered to spend twenty ladies $a lot of for each to have completing the fresh race, which have an advantage prize off $5000 for the champion. The brand new Angels and Bosley take a look at the and you can come across three players and you can a masculine buddy behaving in an exceedingly doubtful styles. Several other competitor hides a big serpent inside her back pack. The new girl from a refreshing sheik insists toward powering the new battle to play what it is want to be an american. The brand new guys about goggles nab an extra runner. Kelly and you can Kris attempt to enter the race to test anything away, but two sisters have conveniently seemed to complete the fresh empty locations. They refuse a deal to let Kelly and you may Kris run in its put and give her or him the cash. Kris and you may Kelly sneak for the battle dressed in bogus numbers, and Kelly notices the newest van which can had been working in the newest kidnapping. The newest trio one to behaved mysteriously up until the race ended up being plotting using its director to wear a song and you can dance “audition” on the cameras during the a job interview having Millicent. The girl to your serpent brings an in-sky connect for the Serpent Pit cafe. Charlie learns that the Craft sisters keeps a criminal background, and this the fresh van falls under one of two boys who is employed in a strategy together with them throughout their time in the new Navy. The brand new kidnappers reduce the brand new forgotten runners regarding in the a facility. The fresh new Interest siblings just be sure to use the sheik’s daughter, but Kris ends up him or her. Kelly chases the fresh van back into Sabrina and you will Bosley, in addition they push the new people to lead them to others ladies. They desired to kidnap her and you may consult a giant ransom money.

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